Pc (Windows) – English (Text) – Release August 2021

Dissociation is a game that will make you reconsider the way of understanding video games.
Through a strong experimental and metaphysical sense, this game invites you to question the already existing reality.

In Dissociation you can be a person, but you can also be a car, a cactus, a microbe, a penguin or even a pencil.
After playing for a few minutes on the DKLS machines, you will stop feeling the physical perception as a gamer and begin to feel the virtual reality of Dissociation.

Feel the experience of dissociating from your own reality.
Discover DKLS and all that it offers to you.


  • Published and created by Pedro Gilabert.
  • Made with Unity by Unity Technologies.
  • Using music and sounds by zapsplat.com, freesound.org, bensound.com
  • Using images and videos by pexels.com, depositfiles.com
  • Using 3d models from turbosquid.com, free3d.com
  • Using emojis from openmoji.com


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